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We are featuring Youtube and Spotify playlists. Pros on Youtube playlists: They allow greater variety (see below), have a visual element, and are viewable on most devices without a subscription. Cons: Not all videos play on all devices, and they occasionally get taken down without warning. Spotify playlists are great b/c it is a more stable platform with an ever growing fan base. The choice is yours, however at this time we are more interested in youtube playlists because they offer greater content options.

Guidelines for submitting:

- Youtube playlists should have at least 15 videos. Get creative with your playlist. Let it represent your brand and/or who you are as a music lover. Official, home made, and live performance videos are great, as long as they are of good audio/video quality. Songs with a static image, comedy, action, or how to vids are welcome if it fits your playlist theme. You can send the links of videos you want in your playlist, and I will build it. Preferably, you would create the playlist on your youtube channel and send me the link so I can embed it. This way you can add and subtract videos at your leisure and it will automatically update on this site. Directions for creating a youtube channel are here. After that you just click on a video where it says “add to playlist”.

- If submitting a Spotify playlist, it should have 30 songs or more. You may want to read our Spotify review for help on getting the most out of it.

- We are trying to avoid over the top pop music. We are not saying you cannot include music that everyone will recognize, but please use discretion as anyone can create a playlist of hits. Originality counts for a lot as long as it fits your playlist theme.

- A combination of enjoyable, familiar and unfamiliar songs/videos are what we like and think make the best playlists. This is why professionals are the best option for enjoyment and discovery! You know great songs and performances that Pandora would never feature, so include those.

- Get ideas for playlists by using your own passion, preferences, brand or from browsing the categories above. We encourage you to come up with your own theme for your playlist. You may want to base your theme on what you wish to promote. You can use playlistify to convert pre-made playlists from other platforms into Spotify playlists.

- Your name will always be on the mix. We will include it on the site in a place that makes the most sense for people to find it. The post title may be slightly different than the name on your mix strictly for search engine purposes. We rank 1st page of google for most posts, so consider the playlist you create as a unique promotion tool!

- If you ever want your playlist taken down, just let us know. Or unpulish it from your youtube channel.

- Help us promote you by sharing the link to your playlist with others.

- If you would like tips on how to use to create great playlists, please visit our playlist articles.

- Contact us with a link to the mix you have created. Include in the email a description of your playlist, the page or project you wish to promote, and a short bio of yourself.

- Your playlist will be reviewed for content. In order to maintain a high level of playlists, yours may be denied. As long as you are a music professional, your playlist is the correct length, and is well thought out or inspired you wont have a problem.

- Questions? Contact Us

-Thanks, and have fun!