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How to make a great party playlist

So you want your party to be fun? It begins and ends with the music! A good party can be ruined with bad music, but a bad party can be saved by fun, original tunes arranged to enhance your guests mood. Have you been to a party where things look great, but the mood isn’t right? That is the worst. This is a guide to making an awesome music playlist that will impress and engage your guests. Armed with a creative, and unique playlist of tunes for your party, you’ll be certain to have your people wondering when your next party will be. These suggestions assumes your party is age 20+.

Follow these tips when creating your master playlist, or let playlist professional do it for you by contacting us here.

Find out what music your guests like. Send facebook messages or emails, or ask your friends while you are out what some of their favorite songs are. Then include those songs in the playlist. This is easy to do with a service like Spotify. If you are building off your own collection, you may want to ask your friends to donate some of their favorite songs.

Start Easy – The night should begin with a relaxing vibe to put your guests at ease. Stick to lounge type music that can be enjoyed at a low level allowing for conversation. Lounge music has many meanings, but generally you should stick to slower tempo songs, with an easy feel. R & B or chilled hip hop works well, as do acts like Thievery Corporation. After people have conversed for a time, and the drinks start to flow more freely, its time to spice things up.

Mix It Up – Start to incorporate more popular and uptempo music. You may want to look at Billboard charts to get ideas for popular songs to include. Making a playlist can be lots of fun. Especially when you get creative. Variety is important to your party music playlist. Try different genres and time periods. How about something nostalgic? Movie soundtracks are a good source for nostalgia. Avoid things like comedy shows, or spoken word because you can’t follow what is being said at a party. If there is a theme to your party, include music that fits it. Of course google will have you covered if you search out music for your theme.

Lesser Known Favorites – Every artist has great songs that didn’t make it on their greatest hits. Flex your music muscles here, and pull out a few lesser known favorites. You probably have a few favorite songs everyone else isn’t aware of, so sprinkle them throughout your mix.

Dance tunes – Include fun, upbeat songs that will get your guests in the mood to shake a tail feather. The best parties usually have some sort of dance music. Mix these in with the other types of songs. Don’t be afraid to put several in a row to keep the energy going. As with all music, a good balance of recognizable favorites, and new music works best.

Conduct an internet search for the type of playlist you want to create, and then copy some of those ideas to build your own unique playlist. If you are using Spotify, you should try a site like ShareMyPlaylists. Do a search for the type of playlist you are wanting to build. Then drag songs from other peoples playlist into yours. If you do not know enough music to get the playlist done, turn it over to a professional. Search this website for awesome playlists created by music pros, or contact us and we will build one for you tailored to your crowd. Also, Songza could have you covered in a pinch, as will Pandora to a lesser extent. These suggestions work great if you have access to an internet stream to play music from. All the music in the world is out there and free to play legally now, so take advantage of a site like Spotify, Rdio, MOG, and others. You can use them all for free for a limited time.

Why not incorporate music videos into your party? Many game consoles, TVs, and blue ray players have the ability to access youtube or the internet on your television. We have many great video playlists you can use here. Don’t hesitate to make them full screen on your TV and let it roll.
Want to really impress your guests? Hire us to design a playlist to fit your parties theme. Maybe you don’t have the time. We can create a music mix tailored to your specific party and guests. For more about us designing a playlist for your party, Contact us